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25 May

If you’re a brand that’s considering using sustainable packaging, here are a few tips to make sure you get the most from the process.

1- Don’t change everything at once

Whether you’re selling 1 product or several thousand, it’s best not to commit totally to packaging sustainability before you’ve tested the concept. You can do that by sampling packaging options.

2 – Order product samples

As just mentioned, it’s risky to commit to a new packaging solution before testing it. Consider ordering a sample pack to inspect the quality of the packaging for yourself. Once you’re convinced that this is a practical option, then order in bigger quantities.

3 – Consider a redesign

Implementing new packaging can be a double-edged sword if done at the same time as launching a new redesign of the brand.

A new logo, a new colour pallet and design assets can truly be complemented by sustainable product packaging.

4 – Adjust your pricing

Price is obviously a factor that needs to be considered. You may be surprised to know that packaging made from 80% recycled material can be had for as little as £0.26 per piece.

Once you’ve settled on an eco-friendly packaging option, it’s important to calculate if you can absorb the cost of packaging or whether you need to increase prices accordingly.

5 – Order small volumes

Part of testing how your brand (and customers) take up sustainable packaging, is to do so in small volumes. Order as little as 50 pieces and judge the reaction of your team and customers. When everything is assured, scale up your order size!

6 – FIFO

FIFO stands for ‘First in, first out’ and it’s a method you might like to apply to your packaging. Before using your new packaging design, make sure that you’ve used up all your old packaging first.

7 – Consider eco-ing your product

Once your customers have taken well to your new packaging solution, consider bringing the concept of sustainability to your product itself. An eco-friendly product in an environmentally friendly box is a double-edged marketing sword!

8 – Flaunt your eco packaging

A brand that aligns itself for the good of the environment is something that the world wants to hear about. It’s a moral that can make your brand stand out and be seen over your competition.

Work your sustainability into your marketing campaigns and make sure that people know that you’re out there to help the environment. If you need inspiration have a look at our eco-friendly carrier bags!

Sustainable packaging companies
As a young packaging company, Packhelp knows only sustainability and working alongside the environment.

We have a responsibility to care for the environment and help our customers do the same.

Being a fresh and disruptive brand to the stagnant and old-fashion packaging industry, we’ve learnt many things. None more important than this:

Most small to medium brands want to sell their product in packaging that doesn’t damage the environment.

That’s why every single cardboard product in our range is made from a minimum of 80% recycled cardboard. This means that when you order custom packaging from us, you’re getting a material that was a school book, cereal box or a bank statement in another life.

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If you’re looking to get started with sustainable packaging, check out ACE Packaging’s range of customised packaging options, or contact us so we can help create your unique packaging idea.