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25 Jun

Each and every year more than 300 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced around the globe.

The vast majority of this plastic waste is single-use, non-degradable plastic that ends up in a landfill or in our oceans.

It’s vital that we do what we can to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the world. While also appeasing the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.

Switching from plastic to paper

The average lifespan of plastic is anywhere between 450 to 1000 years.

The average lifespan of paper?

Four weeks!

That is pretty damning evidence that paper packaging is a better alternative to plastic packaging.

Cardboard boxes are most common form of paper packaging.

The most popular types of cardboard boxes are corrugated boxes, rigid boxes and folding cartons.

These boxes serve a variety of products for companies of all shapes and sizes.

Whether that’s for jewellery, clothing, books, electronics or any other product, boxes are an ideal alternative to plastic packaging.

But what are some of the other benefits of paper-based packaging?

Paper is much more sustainable than plastic

We can not stress this enough.

The major benefit of cardboard boxes is their ability to be recycled. Consumers can make their purchase knowing that the packaging can be disposed of responsibly in the recycling bin.

But the process doesn’t stop when you throw your cardboard packaging in the recycling bin. More often than not, the recycled item is repurposed and used again for other cardboard packaging or boxes.

Here at Ace Packaging, we have a range of packaging options that are made from recycled materials. These recycles boxes are perfect for a range of products and offer the same quality as a regular box.

Sustainable is in

Millennials are at the forefront of the sustainable movement that’s changing consumer behaviour for good.

From free-range meats to vegan clothing, millennials are leading the way in shaping a sustainable world with their lifestyle and behaviour.

A recent study found that 61% of millennials would be willing to pay more for sustainable products opposed to 55% for Gen X and 46% of baby boomers. This trend is indicative of why brands, like yours, should be willing to offer more sustainable packaging options for your customers.

Paper-based packaging is the eco-friendly alternative that will satisfy your growing number of demanding green consumers.

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28 May

Wedding favour boxes are a fickle thing.

On one hand, you want to show your guests how much you appreciate them coming to your special day.

On the other hand, it’s just another “thing” to put on the ever-growing wedding to-do list.

That is why I am going to show you how simple and versatile wedding favour boxes can be. Also, how they are much more than just what you can put in them.


Creating a special unboxing experience

As a child, do you fondly remember the exciting experience of opening presents on a special occasion?

Your eyes lighting up like a Christmas Tree the moment you saw your gifts. The exhilarating anticipation was sheer magic.

That surprise and delight was nothing short of pure ecstasy.

Adults are often just big kids at heart too.

The gifting of a wedding favour box is a nice gesture, and opening it up to see what is inside builds excitement. A positive experience that’s then associated with your own special day.

That is why a wedding favour box is a perfect place to create an unboxing experience for your guests.

You can do that by using a box with internal print, or even some fancy tissue paper with the names of the newlyweds printed on it.

Create a theme

The beautiful thing about custom wedding favour boxes, is quite simply the fact that it is indeed bespoke.

You think keenly, are the bridesmaids wearing a hint of pink? Are groomsmen wearing a dash of navy blue?

What about fonts, what font is being used on the guest book and place cards?

You should want to create a box that echoes the colours and theme of wedding and brings them into a different element of your wedding.

If your brand has a minimalist aesthetic, or even a more rustic looking theme, on elements such as your invitation cards, place cards, so on. your wedding boxes can work with that theme and help tie everything together.


Keep an eye for the small details

Creating the ideal wedding is a lot of work – you need a meticulous eye for detail because it’s the little things that some may not notice that all add up to create the perfect day.

The same goes for your favour boxes, a keen eye for detail is going to mean your guests feel your appreciation.

That’s where things like custom tissue paper and personalised stickers come in.

Seal your boxes with a bespoke sticker of the names of the two newlyweds, or even a simple thank you. As mentioned, it’s all these little pieces that add up to make a real difference!

Make it personal with custom wrapping paper

Custom tissue paper can be used for more reason that just wrapping up gifts inside a box.

Consider the following image, but with personalised packaging paper wrapping your flower arrangements on each guest’s table.

Why not wrap the flower arrangements on your reception tables in paper with the bride and groom’s name on it?

These kinds of little details speak the loudest, and on your wedding day you shouldn’t compromise.

Custom tissue paper is a little element, which can work with your wedding boxes to make a statement, or add a little elegance on its own.

At Ace Packaging, you can create your custom tissue paper or wedding favour boxes exactly how you want it, especially for your wedding.

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25 Apr

Did you know that nearly 48% of ecommerce customers believe that the packaging of the product has a direct correlation with the products shipment value?

That being said, the better and more sustainable the packaging is, the higher the perceived value.

Over the past decade, consumers have grown a lot more savvy about their habits while shopping.

Some have even gone as far as refusing to buy from companies whose missions do not align with their own personal values.

The rise of concern surrounding climate change has most certainly played a role too.

As a result of the changing landscape, sustainable operations have become a much higher priority for most businesses.

How this has affected companies

This meant rethinking what suppliers keep around, and a larger investment in eco-friendly shipping options. This is to try and keep up with the demands of a more conscientious customer.

The only aspect these companies overlook when communicating to their customers is the environmental impact. Every green purchase they make, is a vote for a cleaner environment and a better world for our next generation.

And this issue can prevent company growth.

A staggering 43% of shoppers confess it’s harder for them to be environmentally conscious when these sustainable initiatives aren’t clear.

In pursuit of more sales, brands can tend to forget that their consumers need to be made aware of such initiatives.

Why your focus should be eco-friendly packaging

Here are some daunting statistics:

  • In 2019, there was 502 kg of municipal waste per capita generated in the EU alone (463 kg in the UK)
  • Merely 9% of plastic circulating across the globe has been fully recycled
  • A Dotcom Distribution survey found that 52% of customers are believed to purchase from the company again if the order was delivered in a “thoughtful packaging”

These statistics are indicative of the current state the environment is in.

This highlights the need for larger change and green packaging. This can help to be that stepping stone to bigger issues helping get global warming under control.

When asking customers what is their idea of eco-friendly packaging, the general response is that the packaging can be recycled and/or is made from recycled materials.

Alternatively, if it can be reused and biodegraded, as over 50% of survey respondents claimed, it’s even better.

But what’s is in it for you?


It lowers your shipping costs

Cutting down on material waste leads to more lightweight packaging, which in turn can lead to lower shipping costs.

You do not need to pay extra for stuffing that plastic box just to fill more of the space. A smaller recycled cardboard box that fits your product well is all you need.

More couriers have begone employing energy-efficient vehicles, and if it can be delivered by those means, you’re in for a win!

It requires less storage space

Inventory storage can be expensive. Adding a storage facility to the mix and you could risk not meeting your next fiscal quarter targets.

Opting for sustainable packaging eliminates the need for additional space for storage altogether.

This can be a huge deal for a small business that can’t afford to rent a big facility for inventory storage.

It extends your reach to more customers

Isn’t this the point anyway?

A Nielsen research found that a large chunk of global customers are willing to change their consumption habits to minimise their negative impact on the environment.

This means that if you decide to replace your traditional packaging with this eco-friendly one, you’re almost guaranteed to obtain new high-quality leads.

And with the right marketing, they have a high likelihood of becoming your next loyal customers.

If you are interested in what eco-friendly options Ace Packaging can provide, please Get in touch for your quote today!

25 Mar

Why Packaging labels?

Firstly, packaging labels look great. Labels allow for our clients to bring some extra love to their orders. Products can be given that extra personal and professional touch with the addition of a classy, printed label. They are the simplest way to make your products and packaging stand out amongst the crowd.

Printed stickers and sticker labels have an understated role, especially if you use plain boxes or bags. Custom printed stickers are an extremely cost-effective packaging option and can also prove as an incredibly effective way to spread brand awareness.

With our custom personalised stickers/labels, you have a choice of size, colours and shapes so you can personalise them to meet your custom sticker needs.

Custom personalised stickers are available to order from us here at Ace Packaging. Get in touch for your quote today!

25 Feb

2022 is the year of the online retailer, and postal boxes are the ultimate solution for your brand!

Mailing boxes, or postal boxes, are a popular solution to the packaging problem in 2022. Especially with the ability to order literally anything you could ever think of over the internet. Transport companies are at the forefront of ecommerce delivery, and your products should be suitably packaged for travel!

Before we get into the creative side of postal boxes, we must first consider the technical side. The main purpose of packaging is to deliver the product to the consumer intact, so protection is paramount for the overall success of the product.

The walls of the box can cushion mechanical injuries to the product and will help prevent natural problems, such as high temperatures or inclement weather.

The packaging will also facilitate the transportation of the product, thus the packaging should be lightweight and generally practical. They should be easily loaded into a truck, board a ship or fly in an air container. Now that we know the technical aspects of postal boxes, we can dive into the creative side.

Postal boxes are usually associated with plain, grey cartons. This is one of the safer solutions that can be employed, but it will not be very memorable. In order to make it stand out and associate your brand to the package, it is worth taking a few extra steps to show your customer you really care.

Firstly, you can change the shape and size of the mailing box for a bespoke fit to your product. You can use colour imprints and printed detailing to show extra care and love to the package design. Design a striking design and even impress the courier.

If you brand is focused towards a younger demographic, you can make the packaging more playful and fun. The best packaging has more than a singular purpose. Taking the time to add small details can seem meaningless, but if it can result in a few more happy customers, it will all be worth it


24 Jan

Special occasions call for unique preparations. The right packaging can be a helpful addition and decoration to cherish those important moments.

The opportunity to give each other presents is one of a kind. Are you meeting friends and family? Going to a wedding or birthday party? Those days devoted to seeing relatives and other unique moments. Who doesn’t love to give presents? But for each gift we give, it should have the proper package.

Receiving and gifting presents is not only a pleasure, but an art.

We tend to buy gifts that would have a practical application, as we understandably assume that the recipient will find it useful. However, the gift does not always have to be inherently useful. Sometime gifts can be simple gestures, with the purpose of bringing some joy or excitement into the recipients life. Whatever the content of the gift would be, it should have a striking gift box for just the right occasion.

Quality and Elegance

Getting the right packaging for the right occasion is not always about just quality, but elegance and originality that counts the most. A stunning decorative packaging puts an emphasis on the uniqueness of special occasions. Ace Packaging can help provide a wide variety of options for packaging and design. Take advantage of this to give your next product the elegance and quality it deserves.

Our bespoke printed gift boxes offer the perfect solution for the most elegant of gifts. All of our gift boxes are made to order, therefore enabling you to create a unique exterior design to accompany your products. They are ideal for small gifts and high value items. Our gift boxes are personalised with your own branding or design and thus add value and a sense of luxury to your products.

The choice of printing on your packaging is very important. You can choose from a variety of finishes, spot UV and full colour prints. Adding extra details and finishes to the design of the gift box and packaging will emphasise the character of the gift.

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29 Oct

The Christmas season is a great opportunity to build the image of your brand and relations with your customer. Stand out from the rest with high quality printed boxes this Christmas.


The Christmas period is a great time for companies to advertise, and having high quality packaging for your company is an excellent space to promote your business.

The packaging of the gift can bring value to the customer, by adding a luxury exterior aesthetic to the product inside. With the right design and packaging, you can show off your brand.

Designing unique Christmas boxes

A great aesthetic is everything, as such it is important that you add value to your product through great packaging. Boxes for the Christmas season should have a bespoke eye-catching design that will grab the attention of any potential customers.

How do you distinguish your company from all the competition? First of all, you should take the utmost care in deciding the dimensions and shape of the box. Christmas packaging should be strong and durable while remaining practical and elegant.

Choosing a strong colour scheme is very important and using gold and silver combinations is a strong choice. Text and illustrations can be printed in black, white or in a full range of colour.

Boxes can be printed with various types of prints and spot UV. This could include the company logo and more decorative motifs to enhance the festive feel.

Taking a moment to consider the small details can propel your brand to the next level this festive season. 

Here at Ace Packaging we can help you deliver the best package possible for this Christmas season. Get in touch for your quote today!

25 Sep

Giving the right gift for friends and family, sometimes the right choice is simple.

Buying gifts can be a challenge, however in this modern age of ecommerce gift cards are perfect. They are a safe and reliable option, with most online retailers accepting various forms of gift card now.

Recent studies have shown that a majority of people have planned on buying gift cards for this holiday season. With the recent global circumstances, this will be even more prevalent as families and friends send gifts to each other.

But why are gift cards such a great gift?

  • They are easy to purchase. Gift cards are available at almost every business and retailer you can think of; including supermarkets, restaurants, spas and clothing stores. You simply just need to either walk into the premises and buy it from the front counter or order it online through various retailers.
  • They give the consumer control. Gift cards are the seasonal equivalent of a blank cheque. You are effectively handing over control of what can be bought to the recipient, and people love this. People love to have choice when the option is available, they would rather receive a £20 gift card over a £25 gift.
  • They offer a tailored and unique experience. Gift cards are a great way to give your friends and family a sense of excitement and luxury. Introduce them to a new brand or whole experience that they may never have thought of before. Good gift card ideas would be a spa treatment at a local resort, an experience climbing or bungee jumping, concert tickets or a sum to spend in a local clothing store.


With all the benefits, giving out gift cards for Christmas is likely to not go away anytime soon. From current trends, the act of giving a gift card will only increase exponentially. People love to give control to their loved ones and allow them to buy a gift that will make them truly happy this holiday season.

Here at Ace Packaging, you can add handcrafted custom inserts to securely hold your voucher or card, use textured paper for a luxury finish or even attach a ribbon bow. Create something as simple or as unique as you want. The vast range of style choices, print finishes and colours available gives you the creative freedom to craft your own gift card boxes or gift card holders that will be best suited to your customers for this Christmas holiday season.

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25 Aug

The last few years have shown a boom in the subscription box market. For example, products such as must-have beauty treats to fun and tasty Japanese candies. However, it is vitally important to have a standout design.

To get the competitive advantage your company needs, the design of your subscription box packaging is incredibly important, as the design and packaging will represent both the product and your brand.

As the market grows, so too does competition from all areas. Make sure our package screams aesthetic appeal, you could be losing out on the battle for your customers attention.

Subscription Boxes, what are those?

Simply put, a subscription box is a paid subscription service delivering packaged goods to your doorstep. These recurring services offer goods for men, women and even children.

Being unique is key

To succeed as a subscription box service, you need to find that unique idea that will inspire joy. Over the last few years, the popularity of subscription packages has increased massively. Families are spending more time online, and not spending as much time shopping as we’ve seen in the last decade. But what if you can bring the excitement and joy of shopping into your home?

Subscription delivery companies have become one of the most popular business models in e-commerce. Find that gap in the market and you could be seeing success soon.

But what else can you do to help succeed in such a tight and competitive market? Well you have to make some initial considerations. For one, the subscription box companies do not have shop windows, rather obviously.

That simply means you have to display your service through the packaging of the product. The packaging and design is everything.

Stand out on Social Media

Social media plays a large role in the marketing of your subscription service. Having excited customers share their experience through photographs online can be a great endorsement.

In terms of packaging and box design, a well designed box with a popping colour and flashy design should stand-out and enhance the product.

If the box looks fantastic, the customer will be much more likely to want to share it onto social media, which in turn is free publicity.

The packaging experience of your subscription box should be memorable when unboxing, as that is what will draw the customer into the service. The experience of opening a regular dull, brown cardboard box can’t compete with the experience of a premium subscription box.


Ace Packaging Provides

Our custom postal boxes come in a variety of corrugated card thicknesses depending on how much protection your products need. Corrugated cardboard or postal boxes are one of the safest options to use when it comes to delivering packages via post.

Standard options come in brown or white, laminated or uncoated, the only limit is your creativity and imagination.

We can print full colour on the inside and outside of the box as well as gloss UV printing, which is a shiny, luxury finish.

Being able to design and customise your mailing boxes means you can ensure the first thing your customers will see is your branding when they receive their subscription box.

Brand identity is important in today’s competitive market so your packaging should speak to your customer.

If you are interested in kick-starting your own subscription box and want to get that competitive edge to succeed, Get in touch for your quote today!

30 Jul

Designing packaging for products is a little more complicated than slapping a sticker on a cardboard box. First of all, you need to identify the packaging medium.

Will it be a simple custom printed cardboard box, or will it be a high-end rigid box?

The medium of your packaging is very often overlooked.

Once you’ve decided on a material, consider the following:

  • Graphic and packaging design
  • Marketing and packaging design

Each one of these defines product packaging design in a different way.

Understanding these various points of views will also help you find the best packaging for the products you’re selling.

Graphic design and packaging design

From a graphic designer’s point of view, packaging design is how the brand’s design is reflected in the product boxes.

In this sense, the design concept needs to attract the customer, but also provide information about the product.

Packaging graphics should also show off the brand’s design and motives on the box.

Marketing and packaging design

Marketing on product packaging, sometimes called “Packvertising” is a crucial, and often overlooked part of box packaging design.

In a well-thought definition, provided by O’Reilly, you find that:

“Packaging design is the connection of form, structure, materials, colour, imagery, typography, and regulatory information with ancillary design elements to make a product suitable for marketing.”

To put that into a simpler form:

Your packaging is an element of your marketing strategy.

It needs to:

      • Appeal to a well-defined buyer persona
      • Promote your product’s unique selling point
      • Communicate your brands identity
      • Below is an example of how Coco & Eve use their product packaging to remind the customer that they’ve made the right choice.

Simon Preece from Forbes says:

“Consumers act when a brand makes them feel something. When someone looks at you, you’re compelled to look back to determine the nature of the attraction. That’s your survival instinct at work.”

Evoking emotions is key.

Packaging is the most natural medium to make customer care about a product they haven’t yet bought.

A unique shape, pattern or colour can set your brand apart from the competition it’s sitting right next to on the shelf.

After you’ve caught the customer’s attention, the smaller elements take over.

Copy, imagery and communication that built that rapport and trust between product and customer.