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Bespoke Pizza Box Designs For your Business

Are you a pizza shop looking to become the talk of the town. Why not maximise your brand exposure and design your very own custom pizza boxes? Adding your own pizza box design to your marketing arsenal will be sure to turn your eyes when being delivered across your community. Ace Packaging is one of the UK’s leading pizza box printing companies.

Pizza is one of the UK’s favourite fast food that many love to eat and share experiences as a family. Having a unique, recognisable personalized pizza box makes a huge difference to a positive, unforgettable customer experience. Streamlining your brand exposure from the moment they view your website to when they’re eating your pizza can leave an ever-lasting impression that will leave them wanting more.

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Huge Specification Choices For Custom Pizza Boxes

Our pizza boxes are printed to the highest quality here at Ace Packaging. Personalized pizza boxes are our speciality. The following sizes are available for printed pizza boxes.


  • 7 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 255mm / 255mm
  • 9 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 230mm / 230mm
  • 10 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 255mm / 255mm
  • 11 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 280mm / 280mm
  • 12 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 302mm / 302mm
  • 13 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 330mm / 330mm
  • 14 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 356mm / 356mm
  • 15 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 381mm / 381mm
  • 16 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 406mm / 406mm
  • 18 Inch Printed Pizza boxes  (H/W/D) – 45mm / 460mm / 460mm


All our custom printed pizza boxes can be printed up to 3 colours CMYK. Manufactured on E flute corrugated cardboard perfect for delivering your pizza or takeaway food straight to your customer’s front door safe, hot and fresh! Our custom pizza boxes can be printed onto white kraft board or brown kraft board depending on the look you’re going for.

Custom Pizza Boxes

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Custom Pizza Boxes Delivered Across the UK & Ireland

Once satisfied with your designs, we can begin manufacturing and delivering your pizza boxes which can take as little as 6 weeks to get to your shop door. We can offer free delivery of our custom-printed pizza boxes to one UK address of your choice.

Have A Pizza Box Design In Mind?

You do? – Great! Get in touch with our team today who can bring your pizza box design to life. However, if you only have a basic idea of what you may want your custom pizza box to look like that’s okay. At Ace Packaging, we have an in-house design team who can help you to develop your ideas until you are truly happy. Our designers will work with you until the design is right. Email us your logo and ideas, and we’ll get started. Not what you are looking for? Ace Packaging has a huge range of bespoke eco boxes available.

CMYK printing is available for all of our custom pizza boxes. Delivers your pizza or takeout food hot, fresh, and safely right to your customer’s front door with E flute corrugated cardboard printed pizza boxes! Based on your desired look, we can print your custom pizza boxes on white or brown kraft board.

Eco Features

Our Printed Pizza Boxes are Eco-Friendly

  • Recyclable

    Once your uncoated Pizza Boxes have been used it is fully recyclable. Always check with your local authority on how dispose properly.

  • Food Safe

    All of our Pizza Boxes have been certified food safe to the ISO 22000:2005 standard.

  • Responsibly Sourced

    All of our Bespoke Pizza Boxes are manufactured using responsibly sourced material to ensure a kinder footprint on the environment.

  • Plastic Free

    No plastic is used in the manufacturing process. Printed Pizza Boxes are 100% plastic free.

Pizza Box Printing FAQs

When your customers receive their pizza, the first thing they will see is your branding thanks to custom-designed pizza boxes. The packaging of your business should reflect the brand identity you want to establish in the competitive market of today. Essentially having a customized pizza box can push you ahead of your competitors!

Like most pizza boxes on the market, our custom pizza boxes have been specially designed to retain heat for as long as possible. However, there are holes located in optimal places in the box to allow steam to circulate and exit the box. Steam is one of the biggest culprits for soggy pizza! You can be sure that if you invest in custom-printed pizza boxes, your food will arrive as fresh as possible to your customers!

Absolutely! You can customise the bulk order size as well as the proportion between small, medium and large pizza boxes in one order. We understand that your customers have all god a different sized appetites!

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