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Printed Magnetic Box Ref. Shortcross Gin

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Ace Packaging has recently created a special edition of printed magnetic boxes for Short Cross Gin. These custom boxes feature a unique design and logo, and are made of high-quality, laminated cardboard with an uncoated finish.

Each box has a secure magnetic closure that keeps the contents safe and secure, making them perfect for gift-giving or storage. The magnetic closure ensures that the box is sealed tightly and the contents do not move around or become damaged during transport.

The boxes are not only a packaging solution, but also a powerful marketing tool for Short Cross Gin. The unique design and logo make a bold statement and help the brand to stand out from the competition. The brand recognition created by these printed magnetic boxes will increase sales and expand the brand’s customer base.

In summary, the printed magnetic boxes manufactured by Ace Packaging are the perfect solution for brands like Short Cross Gin that are looking for a packaging solution that is both high-quality and unique. The boxes’ secure magnetic closure ensures that the contents are safe and secure, and the branding opportunities created by these boxes are invaluable.


2mm Rigid Card


Matt lamination


CMYK Print + Spot UV

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