Ace Packaging

25 Sep

Giving the right gift for friends and family, sometimes the right choice is simple.

Buying gifts can be a challenge, however in this modern age of ecommerce the choice of a gift card can always be the right one. They are a safe and reliable option, with most online retailers accepting various forms of gift card now.

Recent studies have shown that a majority of people have planned on buying gift cards for this holiday seasons, with the recent global circumstances, this will be even more prevalent as families and friends send gifts to each other.

But why are gift cards such a great gift?

  • They are easy to purchase. Gift cards are available at most every business and retailer you can think of; including supermarkets, restaurants, spas and clothing stores. You simply just need to either walk into the permise and buy it from the front counter or order it online through various retailers.
  • They give the consumer control. Gift cards are the seasonal equivalent of a blank cheque, you are effectively handing over control of what can be bought to the card recipient, and people love this. People love to have choice when the option is available, they would rather receive a £20 gift card over a £25 gift.
  • They offer a tailored and unique experience. Gift cards are a great way to give your friends and family a sense of excitement and luxury by introducing them to a new brand or whole experience that they may never have thought of before. Good gift card emaples would be a spa treatment at a local resort, an experience climbing or bungee jumping, concert tickets or a sum to spend in a local clothing store.


With all the benefits, giving out gift cards for Christmas is likely to not go away anytime soon. From current trends, the act of giving a gift card will only increase exponentially, as people love to give control to their loved ones and allow them to buy a gift that will make them truly happy this holiday season.

Here at Ace Packaging, you can add handcrafted custom inserts to securely hold your voucher or card, use textured paper for a luxury finish or even attach a ribbon bow. Create something as simple or as unique as you want. The vast range of style choices, print finishes and colours available gives you the creative direction to craft your own gift card boxes or gift card holders that will be best suited to your customers for this Christmas holiday season.

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