Ace Packaging

12 Nov

Christmas is a bustling time for most businesses, a flood of new customers, a vastly increased workpace and christmas spirit in the air, with one lingering question – how to stand out amongst the competition?

You may be thinking already, what is it not too soon to be thinking about ornaments and presents under the christmas tree, but for the savy business owner, the holiday season will have been on your mind for quite some time now.

Christmas can be the most heated time of the year for e-commerce, and you need to prepare yourself and your brand wisely.

But with all the added seasonal commotion, when is the best time to start preparing for the oncoming flood? The answer is simple, right now!

Many companies begin preparing for christmas far too late and only a small select few realise the importance of “Christmas in July”, that is to say your brand should be thinking and beginning christmas prepartions in July to truly be ready for that christmas rush, especially in these recent unprecenedented times.

However, we all know that not all businesses have enough resources to focus on the upcoming festive season in August or even September. You can avoid the frantic rush at the last minute to get your brand ready for Christmas with just a little planning and help from us.

Packaging is one of the major elements that will require some aforementioned planning, you can and should plan well in advance. Christmas is the ultimate challenge for any e-commerce business and you should be putting your best foot forward wherever possible.

What are the benefits of implementing special packaging for this Christmas season?

  • Festive packaging gives your brand a seasonal facelift
  • Enables the creation of special holiday edition products
  • Creates an opportunity to surprise your customers

If you are only planning for the upcoming festive season now, here are some hot tips:

1. Utilise the colours of Christmas for an easy win – Green & Red

The classic colours of Christmas are sure to impress, green and red. It would be hard to walk through a Christmas market without seeing splashes of green and red, alongside some delicious mulled wine and turkish delights. Using these colours in a two tone pattern for a seasonal box sends a clear and strong message.

2. Use different festive blends of Gold and Black

For those looking a more inspired Christmas look, you cannot go wrong with foil printing in Gold and Black. The added elegance from the black brings simplicity, whilst a touch of gold is synonomous with luxury. Even the simpliest of patterns will look fantastic when paired together with these two colours.

3. Emboss and Impress

A little brand recoginition goes a long way and embossing is a great way to leverage your brand’s visual symbols. Embossing is a printing technique that creates a 3D effect on the surface of a box. This effect gives your packaging an increased sense of touch, as the embossed area will be slightly raised. By adding the extra level of detail provided by embossing, you can create that stand-out box that would look perfect under a christmas tree.

4. Tie it off with a Ribbon

A ribbon is the ultimate addition to any savvy businesses Christmas packaging, especially when attached to a gift box. It may think it’s cliche or over done, but a ribbon can be a subtle novelty to your packaging design that will make it stand out and leave a memorable impression. the Christmas season is truly the best season to be cliche!

Make your gift wrapping effortless by ordering your custom printed ribbon in pre-cut lengths or as a stretchy option. Whether you opt for a subtle raised print or an eye-catching foiled logo we can create your perfect ribbon solution

5. Finish with Tissue Paper

Wrapping paper goes on the outside of a gift, but have you thought about what paper goes inside the box?

Custom printed tissue paper is a popular way to add an extra level of sophistication to a customer’s purchase & unboxing experience. We have a fantastic range of personalised tissue paper that can help your shop resonate luxury appeal. You have the freedom to choose the exact design, message or branding you wish to showcase to your loyal customers with our personalised tissue paper.