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Is Tissue Paper Packaging Eco-Friendly?

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Just how recyclable and biodegradable is tissue paper? 

With unboxing experiences trending on social media, using custom tissue paper in packaging is on the rise. As a result, businesses are wrapping products in beautifully printed tissue paper to enhance the overall buying experience for customers. 


Businesses love using tissue paper when packing products for an extra layer of protection and aesthetic purposes. It also helps reinforce branding, ensuring the logo and messaging are clear.  

But what happens to it after we’re done with it? Luckily, printed tissue paper for packaging is 100% recyclable and, at times, biodegradable.

How Sustainable is Tissue Paper Packaging?

Custom tissue paper packaging is usually made from wood pulp, a renewable resource. However, some tissue paper is made from recycled paper, reducing the energy and resources needed.


Plus, branded packaging can sometimes be composted in commercial composting facilities. Still, it will take longer to break down than other paper types.


While tissue paper is made from wood pulp and is technically biodegradable, problems arise when mixed with other waste. Printed tissue packaging paper is often contaminated with food waste, grease, or makeup, which can prevent it from breaking down properly. This can pollute waterways and harm ecosystems. However, if you’re careful only to throw away clean tissue paper, it will eventually break down and compost along with your other food scraps.


Luckily, custom tissue paper is 100% recyclable and implementing a strict recycling program is an excellent way to sell more sustainably. 

Ultimately, tissue paper is safe for the environment, but always choose eco-friendly tissue paper brands to avoid these environmental impacts.

Is Packaging Tissue Paper Biodegradable?

When we talk about biodegradable materials, we’re referring to items that natural processes like bacteria or other organisms can break down. This decomposition process is quickened by light, heat, and water exposure.


As mentioned earlier, tissue packaging is made from a natural resource called wood pulp. Unfortunately, how tissue paper is manufactured – with bleaching agents and other chemicals – makes it non-biodegradable. This means it can’t break down like other organic matter in your compost bin.


So, what can you do with used printed tissue paper? You can recycle it, of course! Most communities have facilities that accept mixed paper, which includes tissue paper. Alternatively, you could repurpose it as packing material or use it to start a fire in your fireplace.

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How to Properly Dispose of Custom Packaging Tissue Paper

After receiving and opening your goods, recycling your mailer box and tissue wrapping paper is next.


The best way to dispose of your packaging is to recycle or reuse it. Place paper into the correct recycling bins or take it to stores that do it for you.


How can you repurpose tissue paper? Well, you can use it for your own wrapping when giving gifts. Or you can use it in arts and crafts projects for yourself or with children. You could even use them as party decorations and make your own paper pom poms or garlands.


As you can see, you don’t need to waste your packaging or throw it in the bin. Instead, you can innovatively reuse, recycle, or put it in the compost bin if it hasn’t been contaminated or bleached. 


For more information on branded tissue paper, visit our site here and explore a wide variety of eco-friendly packaging online today.