Ace Packaging

25 Aug

The last few years have shown a boom in the subscription box market, ranging from must-have beauty treats to fun and tasty Japanese candies. However, not all companies will find success with their subscription box.

To get the competitive advantage your company needs, the design of your subscription box packaging is incredibly important, as the design and packaging will represent both the product and your brand.

As the market grows, so too does competition from all areas. You need to make sure that your package stand outs, you could be losing out on the battle for your customers attention.

Subscription Boxes, what are those?

Simply put, a subscription box is a paid subscription service that will regularly deliver packaged goods to your doorstep on a frequent cadence, usually monthly or in some occassions weekly. These services offer goods for men, women and even children.

Being unique is key

To succeed as a subscription box service, you need find that unique idea that will inspires joy. Over the last few years, the popularity of subscription packages has increased massively. Families are spending more time indoors, and not spending as much time shopping as we’ve seen in the last decade. But what if you can bring the excitement and joy of shopping into your home?

Subscription delivery companies have become one of the most popular business models in e-commerce. If you can find that unique idea with a place in the market, you could be seeing success soon.

But what else can you do to help succeed in such a tight and competitive market? Well you have to make some initial considerations. For one, the subscription box companies do not have shop windows, rather obviously.

The only means you have as a company to display your service is through the packaging of the product. The packaging and design is everything.

Stand out on Social Media

Social media plays a large role in the marketing of your subscription service. Having excited customers share their experience with your brand and service through photographs online can be a great endorsement of the product and brand.

In terms of packaging and box design, a well designed box with popping colour and flashy design should stand-out and enhance the product or can even overshadow the products itself.

If the box looks fantastic, the customer will be much more likely to want to share their own pictures of it onto social media, which is turn is free publicity.

The packaging experience of your subscription box should be memorable when unboxing, as that is what will draw the customer into the service. The experience of opening a regular dull, brown cardboard box should completely differ from that of an experience of a premium subscription box.


Ace Packaging Provides

Our custom postal boxes come in a variety of corrugated card thicknesses depending on how much protection your products need. Corrugated cardboard or postal boxes are one of the safest options to use when it comes to delivering packages via post.

Standard options come in brown or white, laminated or uncoated, the only limit is your creativity and imagination.

We can print full colour on the inside and outside of the box as well as gloss UV printing, which is a shiny, luxury finish.

Being able to design and customise your mailing boxes means you can ensure the first thing your customers will see is your branding when they receive their subscription box.

Brand identity is important in today’s competitive market so your packaging should speak to your customer.

If you are interested in kickstarting your own subscription box and want to get that competitive edge to succeed, Get in touch for your quote today!