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Printed Cardboard Tubes

Custom Packaging Design & Manufacturing

We are a highly skilled team from a range of different backgrounds, offering you the best results for your brand and products. Firstly, we will consult with you on getting the brand and packaging correct, by thoroughly understanding your requirements.

We will then get our design team to work closely with you to get your custom packaging to a standard that you are happy with.

Using the expertise of the designers and your overall vision, we can work perfectly together to create your own retail packaging which will be sure to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Printed Paper Bags

Your Brand, Our Priority

We know that packaging is part of the buyer experience. We want your customers coming back to you for more, so when producing your custom packaging, we will only use the finest materials and manufacturing methods to get the final product to the best standard possible.

We use the highest quality custom printing solutions on all your package manufacturing needs. This includes gift bags, custom postal boxes, stickers, postal tubes and much more. We are the experts in making your custom retail packaging dreams a reality.

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Our Mission

Expert advice aided by over 13 years experience in the retail packaging industry.

Production ready artwork provided with each order.

We include free shipping to the UK & Ireland for all orders.

No shortcuts, only high quality manufacturing using premium materials.

Let us take the stress away to give you more time to focus on your business.

Our costs are competitive and offer significant discount for bulk orders.